1st :D (26.06.2011)

Hello everybody!)How are you?

I'm fine!)I passed 3 exams(1 in september >_<) and now i on holiday ^^
Today I was in the H&M(my friend presented me a giftcard on my birthday).
there began S A L E....but I don't found something good for me :(

But,I bought myself a new parfume. Britney Spears "Fantasy" Its so sweet ^^
There are many many ballons in my room...don't ask me where i took those ballons : D

Now i go to sleep,because tomorrow i need to get up at 6 am for cleaning in my room.
sweet dreams.


  1. а где можно купить парфюм Бритни?

  2. Sonja Hoopz, я покупала в дугласе,который в метрополисе,там представлена вся линейка ее парфюмов!))) в других пока не видела


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